Our story


Have you ever felt so incredibly overwhelmed? Like you have so many things on your plate that you don't even know where to start? How do you handle that pressure? 


Like just about every hard working woman, I've been there. I specifically remember leaving work one day, driving home, sitting on my couch and losing my mind thinking of all the things that lie ahead of me when I returned to work the next day, or really over the next month. So much that I actually went back to my office, grabbed my laptop and notebook and returned home to start my list. I called it "all the things". I wrote down everything that was on my mind - job tasks, household chores, grocery lists, moving to-dos, personal commitments - all of it. Then, I got to work. I started checking off tasks everyday, one by one, and I felt so much relief. Really, even immediately after making the initial list I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders.


My need for organized lists is what led me to using a planner. Not just any planner, but one that I could use every single day. When I switched from weekly to daily planners I thought I’d nailed it at first. But I found myself filling up margins with random overflow notes and lists, making my once super aesthetically pleasing planner look chaotic and stressful. I still needed a notebook to allow me space to manage my less organized creative thoughts, meeting notes, and to-do lists that arose throughout each day. This meant I was constantly carrying around two books that I used equally as often. I managed this for years, all the while searching for a tool that allowed space for both a planner and a notebook. 


So that's what lead me here - to creating my dream planner + notebook combo. A unified space where I can keep all my key priorities along with notes and lists and still stay organized. My hope is that this new, super nerdy tool is able help others who are also managing demanding schedules and working so hard to accomplish their goals. I hope you love it as much as I do.